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Tiger tail sea cucumber (Holothuria sp.)

Family: Holothuriidae

Care level: Easy

Temperament: Peaceful

Reef compatibility: Reef safe

Max size: 30 cm

Diet: Detrivore / Omnivore

The tiger tail sea cucumber is an unusual reef scavenger that really highlights the amazing diversity of the ocean. Sea cucumbers will feed on all types of detritus and left overs, with their elastic like body they able to manipulate their shape to fit into the most hard to reach spaces. 

Sea cucumbers rarely completely leave the safety of their burrow or cave, stretching out to service the area directly surrounding them, with an impressive reach as they stretch that defies the imagination.

Sea cucumbers have the potentional to poison tanks although this is very unlikely and rare, this would only usually occur if the animal was severaly damaged by being sucked into a pump, given where they choose to live it really is not a common experience.

Sea cucumbers are best kept in tanks of 150+ litres, with an established sand bed of 3cm or more. 


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Really nice shop. Nice coral and fish selection and prices are good too. Fish food is also a good quality and price. Will be visiting again soon 👍

Dee Stan

May be smaller then some shops in the area but very well priced and can always find a little jem or two in here I never leave without something new for the tank

Richard Fincham