Arrive alive

Terms & Conditions

In order to meet the conditions of our 'arrive alive guarantee' you must

(1) Have been available to take delivery and sign for your items on the very first delivery attempt.

(2) You must immediately unpack your delivery and begin acclimatization of your livestock.

(3) You must advise us within 2 hours of taking delivery that there is a problem. Please advise us by email or by calling us on 01268 729203, please provide your order number and details of the item you are concerned about or that has not arrived alive.

(4) Any claim for dead on arrival critters, corals or fish must be accompanied by clear photographs showing the animals in our bags and water.

(5) Note corals will shrink, alter in color and close up when being transported and may stay that way for several hours in a new habitat, this is normal. Dead corals break up and turn the water murky, if they have just changed shape and color they are fine, you can always call us for advice or clarification if you are unsure.

(6) If you follow these procedures and your livestock has indeed arrived dead you will receive a refund or replacement.

(7) Please note we cannot accept responsibility for livestock dying after delivery, we guarantee live arrival only as we cannot be sure of the new owners husbandry, tank mates or water conditions.

(8) If you are unsure about the item being alive or dead or are unsure about anything else please contact us within 2 hours of taking delivery so that we may record your concern. Without timely notification of a problem or potential problem we will not be able to assist with claims for dead livestock or have the opportunity to offer critical advice.