Striving to provide honest advice
and happy healthy livestock.

Simple advice and high quality products at competitive prices.

Our Story

A small independent business

Reasons to shop with us

Honest advice

Our advice is based on our own experiences and the feedback we get from all the reef keepers we serve, alongside that we always encourage people to do their own research so they arrive at the best possible solutions to achieve their marine aquarium goals.

Quality livestock

Our fish are quarantined before sale and visually inspected constantly for any health issues and we go beyond the clinical treating the animals in our store like our pets. From gentle acclimation and monitoring tank mates to tailored diets we go the extra mile to ensure we offer happy, healthy, livestock.

Value for money

We source stock from dozens of suppliers all around the world to ensure you get great value for money. We believe you can only get value if you get quality too and most of our customers agree we’ve got the balance right. If you see like for like cheaper elsewhere let us know and we will gladly review it.


We breed a couple of species of fish and culture hundreds of pieces of coral every year. We also prioritise suppliers who supply tank bred, sustainable or cultured livestock.

Latest products

Many of the brands we stock are at the cutting edge of marine reef keeping and they’re always as keen to educate us about their newest tech as we are to try it our ourselves. 

Experienced team

Having a small long-serving team of staff as we do promotes shared knowledge and long term relationships with customers built on trust. The team are passionate about successful marine keeping and continually hone their skills and knowledge in this area.

What our customers say...


Always a pleasure... I've been going there once a week for a couple of years now...great expertise and great value

Lee Turner

Very good little marine shop. Wide selection of fish and corals at good prices and friendly helpful staff.

Steve King

We have a huge livestock range

We take a lot of pride in the stock we offer, firstly in the selection and scope of it and secondly and most importantly in the health and care of it.

Marine fish

We’ve always got a large selection of marine fish available and are always happy to try and source anything you are looking for that we don’t have. Since most of our customers are reef keepers the majority of our fish are reef-safe and colourful fish that don’t grow to big. That said there’s always a few larger, toothy or venomous gems in stock too.

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For many reefers their passion for coral trumps everything else, and we love them too! We source corals from more than a dozen different places around the world. We look for the same things as you when it comes to coral selection, fantastic bright colours, excellent condition and competitive pricing. With several deliveries a week the stock is forever changing.

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We've always been know for our huge selection of inverts, we’ve been shipping them around the UK since day one. Our knowledge in this area is unrivalled with our guarantee that shipped inverts arrive live being a big pull for our customers. Inverts are great fun, they serve a purpose but we also believe they create diversity and a rounded eco system.

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Keeping marine aquariums should be enjoyable not hard

Reliable equipment, quality test kits, well designed lighting and many other thoroughly researched and developed tools make that possible. We rely on our brilliant dry stock partners to help with this, the brands we offer have dedicated themselves to pushing the boundaries of keeping marine animals at home.

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