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Tiger pistol srimp, Tiger snapping shrimp  (Alpheus bellulus)

Family: Alpheidae

Care level: Easy

Temperament: Peaceful

Reef compatibility: Reef safe

Max size: 7 cm

Diet: Carnivore

Tiger pistol shrimps are colorful and active tank inhabitants that do a useful job of moving and turning sand and gravel in what seems to be a constant mission to scape it's environment. Snapping shrimp make a loud clicking noise with their pincers to deter intruders, unlike mantis shrimps snapping shrimps do not pose any threat to other tank inhabitants.

Tiger pistol shrimp form a semi-symbiotic or commensal relationship with various species of goby (Watchman goby's), this relationship is easy to establish in a reef tank and is fascinating to watch. For obvious reasons reef keepers prize the chance to have a natural mutually beneficial relationship playing out in their tank.

Pistol shrimp are scavengers and will feed on various left overs, pellets or frozen meaty foods.



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Really nice shop. Nice coral and fish selection and prices are good too. Fish food is also a good quality and price. Will be visiting again soon 👍

Dee Stan

May be smaller then some shops in the area but very well priced and can always find a little jem or two in here I never leave without something new for the tank

Richard Fincham