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Tiger cowrie (Cypraea tigris)

Family: Cypraeidae

Care level: Easy

Temperament: Peaceful

Reef compatibility: Reef safe with caution

Max size: 10cm

Diet: Omnivore

Tiger cowries are stunning large molluscs with an extremely desirable shell pattern, Cowries can extend their mantle to completely cover their shell, folding out from underneath them, it is this that keeps their shell in such brilliant and shiny condition.

Tiger cowries are omnivores eating both algae and meaty scraps they can forage. Adult tiger cowries will eat condylactus anemones so must not be housed with them, there are a few reports of them occasionally eating soft corals although we've not witnessed that ourselves and it may be that damaged or corals that are near death are a target. There is no suggestion of them eating stony corals.

Cowries are voracious algae eaters so can be a useful tool when trying to control algae growth.

The diet of cowries is easy to provide in the form of meaty frozen marine foods, scraps of fish or cockle and most importantly dried algae if not naturally present in the aquarium.


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Really nice shop. Nice coral and fish selection and prices are good too. Fish food is also a good quality and price. Will be visiting again soon 👍

Dee Stan

May be smaller then some shops in the area but very well priced and can always find a little jem or two in here I never leave without something new for the tank

Richard Fincham