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Our mysis shrimp although technically a brackish (low salinity) species are suitable for both marine and freshwater environments. Mysis shrimp are a favourite food of seahorses, mandarins, anthias and small wrasses as well as being suitbale for advanced stages of rearing fry. Our mysis shrimp will continue to live in a marine aquarium at a salinity of ~1.025 without any problems althoughare likely to be picked off fairly quickly by fishes unless a safe place to exist is provided. Mysis shrimp given the environment to breed such as a slow flow area in a sump, (which can be easily acheived with a fairly dense live rock rubble area), or a refugium will breed to extraordinary numbers with ease and will provide a constant supply of nutritious food as some of the shrimp, the eggs and the larvae spill over into the display tank. Mysis shrimp do not require any special feeding to breed or to sustain their populations in the aquarium.

Mysis are delivered in individual 150ml bags, each bag contains approximately 10 shrimp.

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Really nice shop. Nice coral and fish selection and prices are good too. Fish food is also a good quality and price. Will be visiting again soon 👍

Dee Stan

May be smaller then some shops in the area but very well priced and can always find a little jem or two in here I never leave without something new for the tank

Richard Fincham